Monday, December 27, 2010

My first Dark Prints interview

I trust you had (and are still having) a wonderful festive season and/or simply a holiday/rest. UK horror author Joseph D'Lacey has given me an excellent Christmas present in the form of an interview.

You can read all about my writing background and my ideas for the future (of horror and Dark Prints Press) on the esteemed horror site, Horror Reanimated.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

We have a launch...

Tomorrow marks the release date for Dark Prints Press’s first publication, the anthology ‘An Eclectic Slice of Life’ (which I have edited and co-published). To mark the special occasion, we are hosting an online launch party. Since the fourteen contributors are scattered across the globe, this is the best way to get them together. You can read excerpts from each story in the anthology, and there will be fun links to many stories (such as crazy websites, videos, and flash games).

The online launch will be via the Dark Prints Press Facebook page, from 3-5pm this Sunday (12/12/2010), Perth, Western Australia time. That’s GMT+0800, so if you are in the eastern states of Australia, it will be ~6pm (daylight savings), NZ ~8pm, UK ~7am, US 11pm (Sat – LA) to 2am (NY). The Dark Prints Press Facebook page is here:!/pages/Dark-Prints-Press/162390353801760

If you don’t have access to Facebook, you can join in at the news blog, The Realm of Dark Prints Press:
You shouldn’t need a blogger account to comment here, and I will try to respond to comments as often as possible. All posts will cross between the two sites.

Remember, this only goes for 2 hours, but you are welcome to visit later and drop a comment. Hurray, the anthology will finally be released!

More info on the anthology can be found on the publisher's website, Dark Prints Press:

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yes, I am most definitely alive. Have been extremely busy on the Dark Prints Press side, though, and most of my blogging efforts are going into that for now. I still get the occasional chance to write, don't worry - I am getting stuck into the second part of a young adult series, and drafting the plot of a older children's book.

I will be updating this blog to match Blogger's new layouts and technology, and then you will finally see some posts of relevance. Until then,

If you missed it, Eclecticism #13 was Eclecticism's third year anniversary and featured a whole pile of fantastic dark fiction writers, with a theme of Superstitions. Check it out for free at:

Issue #14 of Eclecticism E-zine was just released, with a theme of Freedom. Again, download for free, this time at:

The Dark Prints Press website is constantly updating at:

Dark Prints Press has a weblog for all of its news (including news on Eclecticism) at:

And Dark Prints Press has a Facebook Page, which you are most welcome to join, at:

Whew, enough for now. Told you I've been busy, and that's not even mentioning the anthology that just returned from the printers. Will post about that soon. For now, enjoy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

An interview with Stuart MacBride

Recently I had the privilege to interview crime/thriller author Stuart MacBride (yes, the King of Tartan Noir) for the second time. It's always a treat because he's very passionate about his writing. This time round, we discussed his new Logan McRae novel, 'Dark Blood', his future crime thriller, 'Halfhead', and assorted writing advice. You can read it via HorrorScope. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Announcing the arrival of a new small press publisher, co-founded by yours truly!

Shining a light on dark fiction

Dark Prints Press is a brand new Australian independent publisher who aims to publish works of dark fiction (encompassing crime, thriller, speculative fiction (horror, dark fantasy) and dark comedy). Its initial focus is on an adult market, with the desire to also venture into the young adult market in the future.

The small press is a partnership between West Australians Avril and Craig Bezant, who aim to provide another, much-needed avenue for a range of printed fiction, including short story collections, novellas, and novels. Their publications will range from lavish trade paperback editions to small, pulpy works, depending on the relevance to the story and its genre. Digital publications (e-books) of the publisher's list are forecasted in the future.

The first publication for Dark Prints Press will be an anthology of the best stories from the online magazine Eclecticism E-zine, an e-zine that has been shortlisted for 2 awards, is archived in the National Library of Australia, and has established a dedicated readership and subscription list over the past 3 years. The anthology is titled ‘An Eclectic Slice of Life', available for pre-order from 06/06/2010 via the website. Read more about this exciting new venture at: