Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eclecticism is preserved

Wow, I am deeply honoured and very excited - yesterday my Eclecticism e-zine was archived in the National Library of Australia's Pandora Archive project. Pandora has been going since 1996 and collects online publications of national significance - with lasting cultural and research value. I am stunned my creation fits into such categories, but very proud it does. And of course it wouldn't have made it if not for the wonderful contributors (thanks everyone!).
Check out the Pandora link at:
National Library of Australia - Pandora Archive
And my e-zine at:
Eclecticism E-zine

And I hope everyone has a wonderful festive season and/or break.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Opportunity for Aussie spec--fic writers

For those Australian writers who haven't heard, the new Australian branch of Orbit and the Queensland Writers' Centre have announced a manuscript development program. Ten people will be given the opportunity to take part in a 5 day writers' retreat with industry professionals. For more details check out the wonderful HorrorScope news feed:
and good luck!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Research can be fun!

Hi all,

Just wanted to extend a thanks to the folk at Lone Ranges Shooting Complex. I went there with my brother-in-law the other day for some handgun training to help with several scenes in my latest novel. It was a real thrill to try out a Smith & Weston and a Ruger .22 semi-automatic. I'll post some pictures of it real soon. This is all part of my practical research for my new novel, which I am currently five chapters into (at the drafting stage). See, research can be fun. I will probably go back soon to try some other makes/models too.

Next I will be doing a bit of 'urban creeping' - going into some rundown and downright weird places/buildings around Perth city and its suburbs. If anyone has suggestions I could add to my list, email me.

Until next time,
- Craig.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Novel Sample Posted

Hi faithful readers,

Just to let you know I have put up a very short sample (first part of Chapter One) of my new novel, A Haunted Mind, on my official website. Visit it, download it, enjoy!

Craig's Official Website

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What next?

Having recently finished my second 'publication-worthy' manuscript (and I don't give such titles to everything I've written), my key goal is of course to get it represented, preferably by an agent, then published, preferably by a publisher. My next goal is to keep writing though. Writing is my drug - I can't stop after finishing one hit. So I thought I'd ramble about my plans for the near future, if only to get a list going for myself...

- Firstly, I have been researching other novels whilst completing AHM and have now started extending said research. I have carefully decided out of 2 of my better ideas which novel will be tackled next, though I will continue researching for the other choice too as it involves a lot of locations around the world I hope to travel to soon. For the novel I've chosen, practical research will now come into play - the fun stuff, though I still take it seriously (a little). I'll be cruising around Western Australia to soak in some sites perfect for a bit of terror (the novel is a thriller with key elements of horror, mostly fear). I'll be learning how to handle and fire a gun (can't wait), and much more... won't give too much away for now.

- When I finished my last novel, I had an outpouring of ideas for future novels for about a week straight. This time round, I have had lots of ideas for short stories - well, at least 10 good ones so far. So, although I would mostly like to push my career as a novelist, I know that getting your name out anywhere helps your cause, and so I will start writing these short stories and getting them out there...

That's not all I have planned, but that's a long ramble already, so... now you know I take my writing very seriously, even though I'm not a professional yet.

Oh yeah, and if anyone has any ghost stories from Perth, Western Australia, I am starting to get a little database of them going, so I'd love to hear from you.


Yes, even dark writers have a heart

I kept something personal for too long... bottled up so it upsets me whenever I think about it. But a couple of months before arriving back to Perth, my dog of 9 years, Ashley, died at my in-laws house (they were 'looking' after her). I still can't get over the irony in that - we'd been away for a year and a bit, less than two months to go before seeing each other and BAM...
She'd been a great rock in my life, bought when I was living on my own and needed company at 19, grown into a friend and companion I thought would always be there. Well, she is still, I guess...

So it's taken a while, and I thought I'd never get another dog again, but fate conspired against me. I'm glad it did. I was reading the local community newspaper last week when I saw an article about dogs needing homes at the council pound. One thing led to another and I was diverted to the RSPCA website. Then I instantly saw a dog I thought would be perfect, but hesitated, not sure I was doing the right thing, stalling for a few days until my wife insisted I went and looked...

Well, we saved another dog from death. I can't find any greater joy than that. And she is wonderful - fitting in very well, though she is absolutely full of energy since she is only 2 and big (German Shepherd X). Here's a pic:

We went shopping today and she ate the bottom half of the timber lattice gate, but that's another story (she didn't get all the way through!).

Keep you posted.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Official update

Hi there,

Just a quick mention that over the next few weeks I'll be updating my 'official' website, especially to correspond with the new novel I have recently finished editing. For now, I have started putting a lot more links on it, especially for other writers (many from the Australian Horror Writers Association). I've also added a couple of short stories. Then I'll put a few more stories, novel samples, pics, etc. So check it out:

I will also be starting a Facebook page if anyone would like to be my friend (Pretty please?).

And in other news, the second issue of the Eclecticism e-zine is shaping up nicely - it will be released 26 October 2007:

(Blogger is disorting the colours of the above image - can't figure out why)

Wow, shameless advertising on my own blog.

- Craig.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's that word?

In an old post I was completing the editing of my Vampire novel and moaned about needing a newer, larger dictionary to compensate for the lack of so many words in mine. Well, a month or so ago I finally bought a new one - Collins Australian Dictionary Seventh Edition (pub. 2005). It was from a department store (Myer) and happened to be one of 2 (count em) dictionaries in the whole book section. That's something to whinge about - so many places I tried, beside a bulk bookstore like Borders or Dymocks, either had absolutely no dictionaries or ones intended for school children (aptly, School Editions). What's wrong? Do adults not need to clarify the definition of anything? Is our world so dumbed-down we understand everything everyone says?
Anyway, for those looking for a dictionary, you'll be interested to know I waited for a sale and shopped then - and I got that one for $19.95. It is a tank of a dictionary, hard cover and all - I saw it in Borders for $89.95. What a saving! So, what are you waiting for - Myers and every other department store has a sale every second week. Sales are just normal prices now. Chumps buy products that aren't marked down.

- Craig.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Horror Writers Group

Hi there,

Can anyone in cyberspace give me their impression of writers' groups? If you have a particular genre you are most fond of (eg. horror), does your group cater for this, or is it steered towards a more general look at fiction?

That said, does anyone know of a horror/dark fantasy/sf writers' group in the wild wild west (Western Australia)? Perhaps I am just spreading whispers of gossip here, but if there isn't one I would like a general show of interest to see if one's existence is valid. If numbers grow, perhaps the Australian Horror Writers Association might consider branching out into state chapters? I can only live the expansion dream for now...


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The rush I need

Contrary to my last post, whilst returning to Perth I have still managed to carry over my writing time, at least at night after my daughter has gone to sleep. And I have nearly finished the first draft of my next novel, which is a fantastic feeling. I am remembering the adrenaline-like rush I experienced the last time I completed a novel, and I'm glad the feeling has returned. A few chapters to go and it will be complete, and I can party, sit back, then edit and edit and edit and edit and... well, any good writer will tell you to... EDIT!

So yes, as a reader you always need to read that last bit of the book - I don't ever think I've stopped with the last couple of chapters to go, even if it's three in the morning - and the same feeling is there when you are writing said chapters. It's a great, shared experience.



Having been back in Perth for a month now, I constantly have people asking me if it's great to be back home. Well, in some ways it is - especially to see family and friends (the latter of which are yet to catch up with me, because everyone has settled into their own life routines that hardly match mine). In another way though, it isn't. I am homesick for a place that wasn't home to begin with - given the time spent in Perth (26 years) to Melbourne (2 years).

How can that be? Has anyone else experienced the same dilemma? It's not like when you go on a holiday and think the destination is a lovely place you wish you could spend more time in, but on greater reflection know the rainbow-glasses will crack after a few weeks. This is falling in love with a place because you've been thrust right into the middle of it, absorbed its culture and found that's the one that compliments your way of life - a perfect match, the wholeness to the emptiness I always felt in Perth that led me to constantly complain about its foibles.

Don't get me wrong, Perthians. This is a beautiful place... To raise kids and retire. Between those two periods in life though, I have yet to find avenues to engage me. But that's what I have to do, because there's no going back to Melbourne for a while. So what's the next step?

I guess it's like an arranged marriage (sorry for the terrible analogy) - you have to grow to love the one you're with. And I'll try, for now...but boy do I miss Melbourne.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Ranting is a good release.


Friday, August 3, 2007

Black Box E-Anthology

One of my latest stories, 'Hot Sauce', was accepted for publication in the Black Box E-Anthology ( The stipulation was that you hard to write a 'dark' horror story of only 120 words in length, which was actually a wonderful challenge! It will be published ~ January 2008, so I'll let you know more details closer to the date. The best part is I have snuck into a list of some really fantastic authors - hopefully, after readers have absorbed their stories, they'll see mine.

Back from the shadows

Hi all,

It's been a long time since posting - have so much to catch up on that I was deliberating whether to have one big post or a few little ones. I chose the latter. I haven't posted for so long because I have moved interstate (from Melbourne to Perth) with my wife and daughter, have worked furiously to get my ezine up and running on time (I somehow killed the 'new' computer I was given 2 days before the deadline, but still put it out on the day!), have spent weeks cleaning and repairing our house, have re-enrolled and started my education course at University (just one unit until next year), and jumped straight back into my next novel (of which there is only a little bit to go in the first draft stage).

Wow, in saying why I haven't posted I've given a rough glimpse of my life in the last month. Soon I will disect each point as best I can - so stayed tuned. If you are a returning reader, please be assured I will try to post on this site once a week (I am not organised enough to set aside time on an actual day each week though).

Hope you will check out my ezine - it has work from 10 writers and 5 artists, and I'm very pleased with the quality of the submissions I received. It is:

Eclecticism Ezine:

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Stats of Submitting

Hi all,

Wow. My last post didn't get any comments - guess I was just stating an obvious, well-known fact about the publishing industry. So, now I would like to give you an update as to the progress of my novel submissions. I told you I'd try to leave out the bitterness, but...No. Constructive criticism; and again, probably something every self-respecting author already knows and indeed something I prepared for when doing countless months of research into the industry: AUSTRALIA NEEDS MORE AGENTS!!!
You heard me. It's a pitiful scene down-under.

Why? Well, let me give you some stats:
Out of 21 agents I have approached thus far -

6 - are not taking new submissions/writers at the moment.
7 - are not willing to represent the sci-fi/fantasy/horror genres.
6 - have either disappeared off the face of the Earth or just don't want to respond to queries (and yes, this happens in the industry - but for the scene in Australia I think it's a joke (we aren't as big as the USA yet guys))
2 - said 'No' after accepting my query, then looking at my synopsis and 3 chapters.

So there you go.
When people give inspiring talks about a big-time author who had their book rejected 12 times before getting it published, I'm beginning to see that what wasn't mentioned were the countless other dead-ends that author had to pursue before getting 12 rejections. I mean, I've approached 21 agencies and have only had 2 actually look at my work.

What to do now? Well. The rejections didn't post any comments that could make me think about altering my work, so it looks like USA and UK are my next ports of call, while I'm waiting for those 6 full-listed agents in Australia to want new writers.


Monday, May 7, 2007

Do you know what really clogs my pen?

Rant time...

Today's topic: The idiosyncrasies of The (Australian) Text Publishing Company.

I've thought long and hard about whether or not to write about this irritation. Text Publishing is a great company here in Australia, don't get me wrong. They produce wonderful editions from a varied range of sources, except horror and dark fantasy. Well, they do, but don't. Confused? Yes, I am too, so that's why I'm ranting. Because when I queried Text Publishing for my 'Within' novel, I received a prompt reply that they do not publish horror or dark fantasy. Problem is, the book I am currently reading (just about to finish) is 'Let the Right One In' by John Ajvide Lindqvist. It is 'a vampire love story'. It is a horror novel (dark fantasy really, since the 'creature' is very much an interacting, human-like being who cannot bring themself to feast on the main character, their friend). And here in Australia, it is published by none other than Text Publishing.

A horror novel. In fact, Mr Lindqvist is billed as Sweden's equivalent of Stephen King. So, why don't the Text Publishing Company's publication guidelines and actual publications match up?
I'll tell you why.

'Let the Right One In' was already published in Sweden in 2004 and enjoyed great success. In fact, they are currently making a film version of it. So, it's a no-brainer. A sure-fire hit to make some money in Australia. Why not publish it?

What about Australian horror writers, Text Publishing? We can produce manuscripts of equal, if not better quality, but we aren't even given a chance to present them to you. How are we meant to compete? I'll tell you how, we push our novels to overseas agents and publishers - it seems to be the only way these days. You see, I was afraid of burning bridges writing this rant, but it is you, Text Publishing, who's burning bridges with Australian writers. No wonder 99% of our movie stars and famous writers move to LA, New York, London, etc. The very country they wrote about, they poured their heart and soul into to capture and reflect to the world, didn't even give them a chance. Instead, they gave someone from another country a chance (so, why not do the same elsewhere).

For shame, Text Publishing. Stick to your guidelines, or relax them to see that Australian horror writers are just as deserving.

And that is my rant for today.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

More for your perusal

Hi all,

Some more hard work later and I've got my official website up and running too. It can be found at:
You will notice this blog and the site are closely tied, as far as content goes, each with a little extra information in different categories.
That is enough web page creating for me...Back to the actual novel writing. You'd think I haven't done much lately but that's only been the last 3 days - apart from that (in the last week) I've written 3 pieces of short fiction and have reached the (roughly) halfway mark of the first draft of my next novel.
A lot of the next part of my novel takes place in Perth and many surrounding areas (the first part had a lot of scenes in Melbourne), so when I move back there next month creativity will certainly flourish.

Enjoy the new site.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The e-zine is underway

Hi all,

With a lot of hard work, the new website for the e-zine, Eclecticism, which I've created and will help edit, is up and running. You can find it at:
I will certainly keep you posted as to its progress. The first issue is likely to come out late July 2007, and we're still looking for contributors.



Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Big Thanks

Hi all,

Just been Googling myself (oh, come on, like you haven't!) and found out that Chuck McKenzie TM (dude, you trademarked your name? I only thought people like Jamie Durie did that) has constructed a nice list of links to web pages of fellow Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) members. Thanks for the great amount of effort Chuck - not even the AHWA has something like this (hint, hint). And I hope I was allowed to put your name on this post.

This list can be found at:

And seriously, support the AHWA simply by voicing your love for stories that give you gooseflesh - we need to start taking the word of fans to the publishers to show them demand really does exist!

- Craig.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm ba-ack

Hello everyone,

My parents have left today - have spent the last 10 days with us in Melbourne (from Perth). To put it simply, they spoilt my daughter rotten, and I like that! Though now we have to remind her that not everything she picks from the store's shelves will be bought just because she flashes a smile and asks 'P-p-please pay?'.
Yesterday we did something different and hired a car, taking it for a drive to the Werribee Open Range Zoo (as close as you can get to Africa and without the 2x4 cages of a normal zoo), and then across the coast along the Great Ocean Rd. I say different because for the entire time we've been in Melbourne we've hardly strayed from the suburbs that surround the CBD. So yesterday I learnt that Torquay is not just the name of a water bottle, that Bells Beach may look like an idyllic surfing spot but must first be navigated through a high series of cliffs, sans a beach (you can rest on the rocks you wash up on), that Lorne is somewhere I picture myself relaxing in another ten years (in one block there were 3 bookstores, though they were all shut by the time we arrived), and that Anglesea made a dream come true.

You see, I have a list. We have been in Melbourne for a year and a quarter now, and I have started to write a list of things we miss from our home city (Perth) - believe it or not, they are simple things. One of them is a large helping of traditional, greasy, cooked in an old-fashioned shop that reeks of the 80s, posters on the walls of catches they wouldn't actually sell in the store, fish and chips. Thank you guys in Anglesea for providing such an establishment, and such food. I bought and ate so much I couldn't move, so it was lucky we were sitting in the car.

Unfortunately I didn't take a business card. I have a habit of taking business cards from most places we visit - I could probably fill a shoe box by now. Writers, you might want to take note of this, because I find business cards are great, not necessarily to write about an exact location (lawsuit, anyone?), but to jog your memories of it - allowing food, smells, decor, and other general points of atmosphere to creep through so you can write about a place that you may not be able to visit again.

I've written enough for now, but at least have more material to regale you with over the next few weeks.

Enjoy your reading,

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The e-zine cometh

Man, my dictionary is so worn from years of writing that after starting to post this message I've decided it finally needs replacing. I wanted to see if anyone actually used the word 'cometh' anymore. It's listed as archaic, so generally no, but I had to look up an internet dictionary to find that out. My dictionary is exclusionist - it only has modern words in it. I think I could have added another quarter-size to it with the words it didn't contain that I used for my novel. And no, the language in the novel is not archaic, though one of the Vampires speaks with a mixed palette. It's just that my dictionary is roughly Stephen King-novel size. I guess I need one of those doozies that weigh 5kg and take up half the writing desk.
I lost track of the point of my post. Ah, well, my wife had the last two days of work off so we were able to enjoy part of the easter break like a 'normal' family. On Thursday my parents are visiting us from Perth, Western Australia, because they miss their granddaughter (and not me, no, never), so the level of postings may diminsh over the next two weeks. In the meantime, I will let you know the e-zine I'm editing will be put onto the web soon - well, the information for it anyway. First issue should come out July 07 - still looking for writers, artists and musicians to submit. Here's the banner (but no link yet):

Will do my best to get some rants going soon.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Added new lists


You may notice that on the side column I have added two lists.

Now, every self-respecting author will tell you that to be a good writer you must also be an avid reader. So these lists are some my personal recommendations. You will note that many are not in my writing genre - life wouldn't be too interesting if you stuck to the one predilection.

Hope you check them out - they are all deserving of your time (well, some of the non-fiction is more specific).


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Links added to my site


As much as I selfishly want you to enjoy my site alone, there's another universe of great sites out there. I have added several lists at the bottom of the page that pertain to what I enjoy. More lists will be added in the future - stay in touch. Oh, and let me know if a link is down and/or out.


Monday, April 2, 2007

Thank God and City Planning for parks and playgrounds

Hi all,

For the last couple of weeks I have tried to write whilst my daughter is at the playground. It didn't start out too well at first, most of my subconscious having me dart my eyes continuously from the page to make sure my daughter hadn't jumped off the top of the pyramid-like slide feature. But after a while I quickly found how to make use of the brief intervals in which she was intrigued by a sandpit (even bought her a shovel and bucket) or a never-ending line of ants cutting across the swings. In this time I have written two short stories and now a growing chunk of my next novel.

I love Melbourne for this. The city is basically surrounded by parks, which makes for both beautiful and practical locations to take my daughter (and hey, nature is free and you gotta love that!). A friend from playgroup tried to start a correspondence script-writing course but found they had no time to fit the writing time around the children. When asked, I realised that I previously only had the night to claim as my own, but now I've opened up this new avenue and think more writers should embrace it. Koji Suzuki wrote Ring whilst bouncing his child on his lap - that's dedication to the craft!

So if you come my way and see a man absorbed in his writing, twirling his LAMY pen in the sunlight whilst pondering his next paragraph, and a child ten metres away dangling precariously from a swing, you'll know the deal. I have to make use of the only chances I get until I'm a full-time writer.


Friday, March 30, 2007

Some sample fiction

Hi there,

Thought I would post a short story for your perusal. It is an 'extra' chapter in my Bond of Blood Vampire saga, set sixty years before the first novel takes place. I plan to reference it further in future novels of the saga.

Innocence Withheld [pdf]

And don't forget to sample the first chapter of my novel:

Within First Chapter Sample [pdf]

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Call for Interest

Hi there reading and writing world,

This is a very early post to announce that I plan to start an E-zine/weblog to showcase more artists' creative talent. It will be starting late July/early August, and will be released monthly. This is the plan - input will direct the release frequency (hoping to get it fortnightly in the future).

When the date draws nearer I will be putting up more posts, links, and the relevant website. However, I would like to call on all short story, poetry and possibly novella writers, artists/illustrators, and musicians (that's right, I need some beats/riffs only for each release) to express your interest in the meanwhile. I would also like readers who've stumbled upon this post to express your interest in being able to read a varied range of works. You see, the zine will not be restricted by genre - in fact there will be a focus theme and an open submission section each release.

For the penny-pinchers (or those just trying to make a living) I will not be paying contributions upon start-up. Hope to in the future, but I am not a billionaire yet nor have I a product to start hawking for sponsorship. It will be a free to read zine and your work will be pushed to a large audience (if my plans come to fruition).

Still interested? Hope so. In this age, getting your name out there is vital to further your work.

Email me at:
or post a comment beneath.


Sample Chapter of Within

As promised, here is a sample of my latest novel, Within: Book One of The Bond of Blood. I tried to go with a traditional Vampire saga start, although the novel does evolve into more of a mystery.

Within: First Chapter Sample


Do you know what really clogs my pen?

Now, I'm going to discuss the writer's dreaded enemy - the query letter - though you could substitute this for any other professional letter, eg. Resumes and Job Applications and ... okay, can't think of any more.

What I want to rant about is the Good vs Bad samples you always see. Every writing book and site presents two versions of a query letter. One is the Good version - really a pretentious version with so many beefed-up credentials it makes an emerging writer cringe and realise they must live two-lifetimes of employment before submitting their own letter.

The other version is the Bad one, and this is what I want to complain about. The Bad one seems typed by an IQ-challenged monkey, perhaps a turtle (because monkeys are smarter?), and cannot possibly represent anyone in the real world. If you, reader, have written queries stating your work is the best in the world and you're doing the agent/publisher a favour by giving it to them and you'd like a billion dollar advance though you've only half-finished the manuscript... well... no, like the tooth-fairy I just don't believe you exist (and if you do, please get every writing tool in your residence and throw them out now!).

So then surely someone can present writers with samples that represent a truly Bad version. Well, perhaps Bad is not the word, just...Lacking. Many queries are certainly lacking that extra edge - that catchy hook, a succinct word-count, a high-profile name to compare their work to, and so forth.

If anyone can point me in the direction of such an actual, HELPFUL set of samples, I will include it in future posts (and will start a LINKS section) and would be much appreciated. My wife would appreciate it too - one less bitter rant from me to put up with!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Within is ready to go out into the pool

Over 3 years and 7 drafts later, my first 'publication-worthy' novel has been completed. I cannot contain my excitement. I have written this novel in between working, my return to university (BA Education) as a mature student, moving interstate and then being a full-time, stay-at-home parent. I will now be sending it out to agents and publishers and will of course keep you posted on its journey, keeping bitterness contained should it arise.

The good thing about taking so long to write this novel is that I have also thought of a career's worth of ideas for future novels. I have actually started the next one whilst editing Within - 30,000 words in so far. So I will make sure that strange face to the side of this page is one you'll be seeing a lot more of in the future.

I will post a sample chapter (the first, obviously) from my novel very soon.

Have fun reading and/or writing too!


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Super short story for you

I have been trying to get an official site up and running to house more of my work and details, but now I'm starting to think this outlet may be appropriate for quite a while. Here is a very short story I wrote one night, the instant the idea snapped into my brain. Hope I can give some parents out there a smile.

By Craig Bezant

Headlights swung through Henrick’s living room blinds, stirring him from a novel’s pages. Brakes squeaked. A handbrake snapped on. Henrick threw the book and fumbled below the couch. It was coming again. It wanted to whisk his child into the night.

Henrick despised the very notion. His hands clutched his shotgun as gravel crunched beside the window. He pulled it out whilst leaping from the couch, attempting to reach the front door first.

But the doorbell rang.

Henrick could hear his daughter running to her room and he wanted to join and console her but…He opened the door, shotgun cocked. The boy outside seemed unfazed. He simply smiled and asked for his date.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome to my inky lair

Hello readers, writers, random clickers of the mouse,

My name is Craig Bezant. I am an emerging Australian author who specialises in the Dark Fantasy (nee Horror) genre. Why do I say 'nee Horror'? Because bookstore buzz-words have drifted away from the association of horror and its blood-and-guts. And so well they should. Horror isn't always about senseless violence. In fact, it should rarely be. Leave that to the cinema where only 2 hours of your life will be robbed by a stereotypical slasher flick. A week or two reading the same sort of thing, well, in my opinion that's a waste of time.
So Dark Fantasy is more intelligent then? Well, I'm not saying the slasher stories can't be intelligent. There's always one or two a year that present a most entertaining story. Dark Fantasy relates more to having monster-like creatures who also have human-like feelings, eg. empathy. This presents a whole new world of storylines, ones which often blend with almost every other genre. I hope more agents and publishers start to realise this - you can do so much with a Dark Fantasy story.
Agree? Don't agree? Let me know. I will post a real thread soon enough.