Friday, March 30, 2007

Some sample fiction

Hi there,

Thought I would post a short story for your perusal. It is an 'extra' chapter in my Bond of Blood Vampire saga, set sixty years before the first novel takes place. I plan to reference it further in future novels of the saga.

Innocence Withheld [pdf]

And don't forget to sample the first chapter of my novel:

Within First Chapter Sample [pdf]

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Call for Interest

Hi there reading and writing world,

This is a very early post to announce that I plan to start an E-zine/weblog to showcase more artists' creative talent. It will be starting late July/early August, and will be released monthly. This is the plan - input will direct the release frequency (hoping to get it fortnightly in the future).

When the date draws nearer I will be putting up more posts, links, and the relevant website. However, I would like to call on all short story, poetry and possibly novella writers, artists/illustrators, and musicians (that's right, I need some beats/riffs only for each release) to express your interest in the meanwhile. I would also like readers who've stumbled upon this post to express your interest in being able to read a varied range of works. You see, the zine will not be restricted by genre - in fact there will be a focus theme and an open submission section each release.

For the penny-pinchers (or those just trying to make a living) I will not be paying contributions upon start-up. Hope to in the future, but I am not a billionaire yet nor have I a product to start hawking for sponsorship. It will be a free to read zine and your work will be pushed to a large audience (if my plans come to fruition).

Still interested? Hope so. In this age, getting your name out there is vital to further your work.

Email me at:
or post a comment beneath.


Sample Chapter of Within

As promised, here is a sample of my latest novel, Within: Book One of The Bond of Blood. I tried to go with a traditional Vampire saga start, although the novel does evolve into more of a mystery.

Within: First Chapter Sample


Do you know what really clogs my pen?

Now, I'm going to discuss the writer's dreaded enemy - the query letter - though you could substitute this for any other professional letter, eg. Resumes and Job Applications and ... okay, can't think of any more.

What I want to rant about is the Good vs Bad samples you always see. Every writing book and site presents two versions of a query letter. One is the Good version - really a pretentious version with so many beefed-up credentials it makes an emerging writer cringe and realise they must live two-lifetimes of employment before submitting their own letter.

The other version is the Bad one, and this is what I want to complain about. The Bad one seems typed by an IQ-challenged monkey, perhaps a turtle (because monkeys are smarter?), and cannot possibly represent anyone in the real world. If you, reader, have written queries stating your work is the best in the world and you're doing the agent/publisher a favour by giving it to them and you'd like a billion dollar advance though you've only half-finished the manuscript... well... no, like the tooth-fairy I just don't believe you exist (and if you do, please get every writing tool in your residence and throw them out now!).

So then surely someone can present writers with samples that represent a truly Bad version. Well, perhaps Bad is not the word, just...Lacking. Many queries are certainly lacking that extra edge - that catchy hook, a succinct word-count, a high-profile name to compare their work to, and so forth.

If anyone can point me in the direction of such an actual, HELPFUL set of samples, I will include it in future posts (and will start a LINKS section) and would be much appreciated. My wife would appreciate it too - one less bitter rant from me to put up with!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Within is ready to go out into the pool

Over 3 years and 7 drafts later, my first 'publication-worthy' novel has been completed. I cannot contain my excitement. I have written this novel in between working, my return to university (BA Education) as a mature student, moving interstate and then being a full-time, stay-at-home parent. I will now be sending it out to agents and publishers and will of course keep you posted on its journey, keeping bitterness contained should it arise.

The good thing about taking so long to write this novel is that I have also thought of a career's worth of ideas for future novels. I have actually started the next one whilst editing Within - 30,000 words in so far. So I will make sure that strange face to the side of this page is one you'll be seeing a lot more of in the future.

I will post a sample chapter (the first, obviously) from my novel very soon.

Have fun reading and/or writing too!


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Super short story for you

I have been trying to get an official site up and running to house more of my work and details, but now I'm starting to think this outlet may be appropriate for quite a while. Here is a very short story I wrote one night, the instant the idea snapped into my brain. Hope I can give some parents out there a smile.

By Craig Bezant

Headlights swung through Henrick’s living room blinds, stirring him from a novel’s pages. Brakes squeaked. A handbrake snapped on. Henrick threw the book and fumbled below the couch. It was coming again. It wanted to whisk his child into the night.

Henrick despised the very notion. His hands clutched his shotgun as gravel crunched beside the window. He pulled it out whilst leaping from the couch, attempting to reach the front door first.

But the doorbell rang.

Henrick could hear his daughter running to her room and he wanted to join and console her but…He opened the door, shotgun cocked. The boy outside seemed unfazed. He simply smiled and asked for his date.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome to my inky lair

Hello readers, writers, random clickers of the mouse,

My name is Craig Bezant. I am an emerging Australian author who specialises in the Dark Fantasy (nee Horror) genre. Why do I say 'nee Horror'? Because bookstore buzz-words have drifted away from the association of horror and its blood-and-guts. And so well they should. Horror isn't always about senseless violence. In fact, it should rarely be. Leave that to the cinema where only 2 hours of your life will be robbed by a stereotypical slasher flick. A week or two reading the same sort of thing, well, in my opinion that's a waste of time.
So Dark Fantasy is more intelligent then? Well, I'm not saying the slasher stories can't be intelligent. There's always one or two a year that present a most entertaining story. Dark Fantasy relates more to having monster-like creatures who also have human-like feelings, eg. empathy. This presents a whole new world of storylines, ones which often blend with almost every other genre. I hope more agents and publishers start to realise this - you can do so much with a Dark Fantasy story.
Agree? Don't agree? Let me know. I will post a real thread soon enough.