Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Call for Interest

Hi there reading and writing world,

This is a very early post to announce that I plan to start an E-zine/weblog to showcase more artists' creative talent. It will be starting late July/early August, and will be released monthly. This is the plan - input will direct the release frequency (hoping to get it fortnightly in the future).

When the date draws nearer I will be putting up more posts, links, and the relevant website. However, I would like to call on all short story, poetry and possibly novella writers, artists/illustrators, and musicians (that's right, I need some beats/riffs only for each release) to express your interest in the meanwhile. I would also like readers who've stumbled upon this post to express your interest in being able to read a varied range of works. You see, the zine will not be restricted by genre - in fact there will be a focus theme and an open submission section each release.

For the penny-pinchers (or those just trying to make a living) I will not be paying contributions upon start-up. Hope to in the future, but I am not a billionaire yet nor have I a product to start hawking for sponsorship. It will be a free to read zine and your work will be pushed to a large audience (if my plans come to fruition).

Still interested? Hope so. In this age, getting your name out there is vital to further your work.

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