Saturday, March 24, 2007

Super short story for you

I have been trying to get an official site up and running to house more of my work and details, but now I'm starting to think this outlet may be appropriate for quite a while. Here is a very short story I wrote one night, the instant the idea snapped into my brain. Hope I can give some parents out there a smile.

By Craig Bezant

Headlights swung through Henrick’s living room blinds, stirring him from a novel’s pages. Brakes squeaked. A handbrake snapped on. Henrick threw the book and fumbled below the couch. It was coming again. It wanted to whisk his child into the night.

Henrick despised the very notion. His hands clutched his shotgun as gravel crunched beside the window. He pulled it out whilst leaping from the couch, attempting to reach the front door first.

But the doorbell rang.

Henrick could hear his daughter running to her room and he wanted to join and console her but…He opened the door, shotgun cocked. The boy outside seemed unfazed. He simply smiled and asked for his date.

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