Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome to my inky lair

Hello readers, writers, random clickers of the mouse,

My name is Craig Bezant. I am an emerging Australian author who specialises in the Dark Fantasy (nee Horror) genre. Why do I say 'nee Horror'? Because bookstore buzz-words have drifted away from the association of horror and its blood-and-guts. And so well they should. Horror isn't always about senseless violence. In fact, it should rarely be. Leave that to the cinema where only 2 hours of your life will be robbed by a stereotypical slasher flick. A week or two reading the same sort of thing, well, in my opinion that's a waste of time.
So Dark Fantasy is more intelligent then? Well, I'm not saying the slasher stories can't be intelligent. There's always one or two a year that present a most entertaining story. Dark Fantasy relates more to having monster-like creatures who also have human-like feelings, eg. empathy. This presents a whole new world of storylines, ones which often blend with almost every other genre. I hope more agents and publishers start to realise this - you can do so much with a Dark Fantasy story.
Agree? Don't agree? Let me know. I will post a real thread soon enough.

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