Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The e-zine cometh

Man, my dictionary is so worn from years of writing that after starting to post this message I've decided it finally needs replacing. I wanted to see if anyone actually used the word 'cometh' anymore. It's listed as archaic, so generally no, but I had to look up an internet dictionary to find that out. My dictionary is exclusionist - it only has modern words in it. I think I could have added another quarter-size to it with the words it didn't contain that I used for my novel. And no, the language in the novel is not archaic, though one of the Vampires speaks with a mixed palette. It's just that my dictionary is roughly Stephen King-novel size. I guess I need one of those doozies that weigh 5kg and take up half the writing desk.
I lost track of the point of my post. Ah, well, my wife had the last two days of work off so we were able to enjoy part of the easter break like a 'normal' family. On Thursday my parents are visiting us from Perth, Western Australia, because they miss their granddaughter (and not me, no, never), so the level of postings may diminsh over the next two weeks. In the meantime, I will let you know the e-zine I'm editing will be put onto the web soon - well, the information for it anyway. First issue should come out July 07 - still looking for writers, artists and musicians to submit. Here's the banner (but no link yet):

Will do my best to get some rants going soon.

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