Monday, April 2, 2007

Thank God and City Planning for parks and playgrounds

Hi all,

For the last couple of weeks I have tried to write whilst my daughter is at the playground. It didn't start out too well at first, most of my subconscious having me dart my eyes continuously from the page to make sure my daughter hadn't jumped off the top of the pyramid-like slide feature. But after a while I quickly found how to make use of the brief intervals in which she was intrigued by a sandpit (even bought her a shovel and bucket) or a never-ending line of ants cutting across the swings. In this time I have written two short stories and now a growing chunk of my next novel.

I love Melbourne for this. The city is basically surrounded by parks, which makes for both beautiful and practical locations to take my daughter (and hey, nature is free and you gotta love that!). A friend from playgroup tried to start a correspondence script-writing course but found they had no time to fit the writing time around the children. When asked, I realised that I previously only had the night to claim as my own, but now I've opened up this new avenue and think more writers should embrace it. Koji Suzuki wrote Ring whilst bouncing his child on his lap - that's dedication to the craft!

So if you come my way and see a man absorbed in his writing, twirling his LAMY pen in the sunlight whilst pondering his next paragraph, and a child ten metres away dangling precariously from a swing, you'll know the deal. I have to make use of the only chances I get until I'm a full-time writer.


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