Thursday, May 3, 2007

More for your perusal

Hi all,

Some more hard work later and I've got my official website up and running too. It can be found at:
You will notice this blog and the site are closely tied, as far as content goes, each with a little extra information in different categories.
That is enough web page creating for me...Back to the actual novel writing. You'd think I haven't done much lately but that's only been the last 3 days - apart from that (in the last week) I've written 3 pieces of short fiction and have reached the (roughly) halfway mark of the first draft of my next novel.
A lot of the next part of my novel takes place in Perth and many surrounding areas (the first part had a lot of scenes in Melbourne), so when I move back there next month creativity will certainly flourish.

Enjoy the new site.


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