Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Stats of Submitting

Hi all,

Wow. My last post didn't get any comments - guess I was just stating an obvious, well-known fact about the publishing industry. So, now I would like to give you an update as to the progress of my novel submissions. I told you I'd try to leave out the bitterness, but...No. Constructive criticism; and again, probably something every self-respecting author already knows and indeed something I prepared for when doing countless months of research into the industry: AUSTRALIA NEEDS MORE AGENTS!!!
You heard me. It's a pitiful scene down-under.

Why? Well, let me give you some stats:
Out of 21 agents I have approached thus far -

6 - are not taking new submissions/writers at the moment.
7 - are not willing to represent the sci-fi/fantasy/horror genres.
6 - have either disappeared off the face of the Earth or just don't want to respond to queries (and yes, this happens in the industry - but for the scene in Australia I think it's a joke (we aren't as big as the USA yet guys))
2 - said 'No' after accepting my query, then looking at my synopsis and 3 chapters.

So there you go.
When people give inspiring talks about a big-time author who had their book rejected 12 times before getting it published, I'm beginning to see that what wasn't mentioned were the countless other dead-ends that author had to pursue before getting 12 rejections. I mean, I've approached 21 agencies and have only had 2 actually look at my work.

What to do now? Well. The rejections didn't post any comments that could make me think about altering my work, so it looks like USA and UK are my next ports of call, while I'm waiting for those 6 full-listed agents in Australia to want new writers.



JB30 said...

Hi Craig,

I know that feeling well, it is very frustrating. Agents who are currently seeking great ideas and new talent, to only turn around and say, sorry we aren't expanding our client base at the moment, drive me nuts. Then you also have the trouble if trying to find an agent that respresents your style, another problem, and as for trying to find a honest one overseas, well....... good luck and i hope to see you on the shelves one day.

Anonymous said...

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