Monday, August 20, 2007

Horror Writers Group

Hi there,

Can anyone in cyberspace give me their impression of writers' groups? If you have a particular genre you are most fond of (eg. horror), does your group cater for this, or is it steered towards a more general look at fiction?

That said, does anyone know of a horror/dark fantasy/sf writers' group in the wild wild west (Western Australia)? Perhaps I am just spreading whispers of gossip here, but if there isn't one I would like a general show of interest to see if one's existence is valid. If numbers grow, perhaps the Australian Horror Writers Association might consider branching out into state chapters? I can only live the expansion dream for now...


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The rush I need

Contrary to my last post, whilst returning to Perth I have still managed to carry over my writing time, at least at night after my daughter has gone to sleep. And I have nearly finished the first draft of my next novel, which is a fantastic feeling. I am remembering the adrenaline-like rush I experienced the last time I completed a novel, and I'm glad the feeling has returned. A few chapters to go and it will be complete, and I can party, sit back, then edit and edit and edit and edit and... well, any good writer will tell you to... EDIT!

So yes, as a reader you always need to read that last bit of the book - I don't ever think I've stopped with the last couple of chapters to go, even if it's three in the morning - and the same feeling is there when you are writing said chapters. It's a great, shared experience.



Having been back in Perth for a month now, I constantly have people asking me if it's great to be back home. Well, in some ways it is - especially to see family and friends (the latter of which are yet to catch up with me, because everyone has settled into their own life routines that hardly match mine). In another way though, it isn't. I am homesick for a place that wasn't home to begin with - given the time spent in Perth (26 years) to Melbourne (2 years).

How can that be? Has anyone else experienced the same dilemma? It's not like when you go on a holiday and think the destination is a lovely place you wish you could spend more time in, but on greater reflection know the rainbow-glasses will crack after a few weeks. This is falling in love with a place because you've been thrust right into the middle of it, absorbed its culture and found that's the one that compliments your way of life - a perfect match, the wholeness to the emptiness I always felt in Perth that led me to constantly complain about its foibles.

Don't get me wrong, Perthians. This is a beautiful place... To raise kids and retire. Between those two periods in life though, I have yet to find avenues to engage me. But that's what I have to do, because there's no going back to Melbourne for a while. So what's the next step?

I guess it's like an arranged marriage (sorry for the terrible analogy) - you have to grow to love the one you're with. And I'll try, for now...but boy do I miss Melbourne.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Ranting is a good release.


Friday, August 3, 2007

Black Box E-Anthology

One of my latest stories, 'Hot Sauce', was accepted for publication in the Black Box E-Anthology ( The stipulation was that you hard to write a 'dark' horror story of only 120 words in length, which was actually a wonderful challenge! It will be published ~ January 2008, so I'll let you know more details closer to the date. The best part is I have snuck into a list of some really fantastic authors - hopefully, after readers have absorbed their stories, they'll see mine.

Back from the shadows

Hi all,

It's been a long time since posting - have so much to catch up on that I was deliberating whether to have one big post or a few little ones. I chose the latter. I haven't posted for so long because I have moved interstate (from Melbourne to Perth) with my wife and daughter, have worked furiously to get my ezine up and running on time (I somehow killed the 'new' computer I was given 2 days before the deadline, but still put it out on the day!), have spent weeks cleaning and repairing our house, have re-enrolled and started my education course at University (just one unit until next year), and jumped straight back into my next novel (of which there is only a little bit to go in the first draft stage).

Wow, in saying why I haven't posted I've given a rough glimpse of my life in the last month. Soon I will disect each point as best I can - so stayed tuned. If you are a returning reader, please be assured I will try to post on this site once a week (I am not organised enough to set aside time on an actual day each week though).

Hope you will check out my ezine - it has work from 10 writers and 5 artists, and I'm very pleased with the quality of the submissions I received. It is:

Eclecticism Ezine: