Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The rush I need

Contrary to my last post, whilst returning to Perth I have still managed to carry over my writing time, at least at night after my daughter has gone to sleep. And I have nearly finished the first draft of my next novel, which is a fantastic feeling. I am remembering the adrenaline-like rush I experienced the last time I completed a novel, and I'm glad the feeling has returned. A few chapters to go and it will be complete, and I can party, sit back, then edit and edit and edit and edit and... well, any good writer will tell you to... EDIT!

So yes, as a reader you always need to read that last bit of the book - I don't ever think I've stopped with the last couple of chapters to go, even if it's three in the morning - and the same feeling is there when you are writing said chapters. It's a great, shared experience.


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