Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Official update

Hi there,

Just a quick mention that over the next few weeks I'll be updating my 'official' website, especially to correspond with the new novel I have recently finished editing. For now, I have started putting a lot more links on it, especially for other writers (many from the Australian Horror Writers Association). I've also added a couple of short stories. Then I'll put a few more stories, novel samples, pics, etc. So check it out:

I will also be starting a Facebook page if anyone would like to be my friend (Pretty please?).

And in other news, the second issue of the Eclecticism e-zine is shaping up nicely - it will be released 26 October 2007:

(Blogger is disorting the colours of the above image - can't figure out why)

Wow, shameless advertising on my own blog.

- Craig.

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