Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's that word?

In an old post I was completing the editing of my Vampire novel and moaned about needing a newer, larger dictionary to compensate for the lack of so many words in mine. Well, a month or so ago I finally bought a new one - Collins Australian Dictionary Seventh Edition (pub. 2005). It was from a department store (Myer) and happened to be one of 2 (count em) dictionaries in the whole book section. That's something to whinge about - so many places I tried, beside a bulk bookstore like Borders or Dymocks, either had absolutely no dictionaries or ones intended for school children (aptly, School Editions). What's wrong? Do adults not need to clarify the definition of anything? Is our world so dumbed-down we understand everything everyone says?
Anyway, for those looking for a dictionary, you'll be interested to know I waited for a sale and shopped then - and I got that one for $19.95. It is a tank of a dictionary, hard cover and all - I saw it in Borders for $89.95. What a saving! So, what are you waiting for - Myers and every other department store has a sale every second week. Sales are just normal prices now. Chumps buy products that aren't marked down.

- Craig.

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