Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yes, even dark writers have a heart

I kept something personal for too long... bottled up so it upsets me whenever I think about it. But a couple of months before arriving back to Perth, my dog of 9 years, Ashley, died at my in-laws house (they were 'looking' after her). I still can't get over the irony in that - we'd been away for a year and a bit, less than two months to go before seeing each other and BAM...
She'd been a great rock in my life, bought when I was living on my own and needed company at 19, grown into a friend and companion I thought would always be there. Well, she is still, I guess...

So it's taken a while, and I thought I'd never get another dog again, but fate conspired against me. I'm glad it did. I was reading the local community newspaper last week when I saw an article about dogs needing homes at the council pound. One thing led to another and I was diverted to the RSPCA website. Then I instantly saw a dog I thought would be perfect, but hesitated, not sure I was doing the right thing, stalling for a few days until my wife insisted I went and looked...

Well, we saved another dog from death. I can't find any greater joy than that. And she is wonderful - fitting in very well, though she is absolutely full of energy since she is only 2 and big (German Shepherd X). Here's a pic:

We went shopping today and she ate the bottom half of the timber lattice gate, but that's another story (she didn't get all the way through!).

Keep you posted.


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