Thursday, November 22, 2007

Research can be fun!

Hi all,

Just wanted to extend a thanks to the folk at Lone Ranges Shooting Complex. I went there with my brother-in-law the other day for some handgun training to help with several scenes in my latest novel. It was a real thrill to try out a Smith & Weston and a Ruger .22 semi-automatic. I'll post some pictures of it real soon. This is all part of my practical research for my new novel, which I am currently five chapters into (at the drafting stage). See, research can be fun. I will probably go back soon to try some other makes/models too.

Next I will be doing a bit of 'urban creeping' - going into some rundown and downright weird places/buildings around Perth city and its suburbs. If anyone has suggestions I could add to my list, email me.

Until next time,
- Craig.