Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From the brink

You may be wondering where I've been; my posts are certainly far and few between. To put it simply, I am finishing the editing of a novel and I have become completely immersed in its world. I cannot think about anything else at the moment. I cannot eat or drink or sleep until this is finished. Well, I lie, I do eat and I do drink. I sometimes sleep, too. I am trying my hardest though to finish this before Christmas so I have an extra present for my wife. Then, with her criticism on board, I can give it to a few other readers (my mentor in particular, if he still wants to see it).

There's so much to catch up on. Issue 6 of the Eclecticism Ezine has been out for a month and a half now. It took the most time and effort of all the issues, given its size and the variety of images. But it was worth it from one point of view - I think it's the best issue thus far. On another point of view, the zine needs more readers. I don't know if I can justify it if the readership does not pick up - the catch-22 is that I need to sink money into advertising to draw this readership, and the only way to do that is to start charging for the zine (which may lose some readers who only download it because it's free). Hmmmm.

On another note, one more year of University under my belt. One to go (a four-year course, plus Honours if I am nominated for that). I did quite well, I think - Distinctions and a High Distinction. I am very distinct.

And, looking at my last post, yes, I did meet Matthew Reilly. He was a lot of fun. He has a great slide-show that he goes through. He is very animated and the passion for his work is evident - I hope I can look like that one day. He even has the 'smile-for-the-camera' expression set - it was the same face for each photograph. Brilliant. My wife bought me one of his novels last Christmas, so he signed it 'Dear Craig, Merry Christmas'! What a great guy. (Just wish I'd dressed better, and smiled, and not looked like a tool in the photograph below, but I'd rushed over from prior engagements and so on...)

Now, who to meet next... Well, World Horror Con is moving to Brighton, England in 2010. Lots of people I'd love to meet there. We'll start locally though - I'll definitely make it to Swancon in April next year (2009), especially with Richard Morgan as the International Guest of Honour.

Talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Matthew Reilly Tour

Hi all,
Four more weeks of Uni, then exams, and then I can resume a better pace of writing. But until then, I thought I'd let those interested know that author Matthew Reilly (The Six Sacred Stones) is touring Australia as part of the Big Book Club initiative, which sends authors to smaller, isolated places where reaching fans is otherwise usually inaccessible. Obviously Perth is isolated, so Matthew will be there from Sunday 26 October to Tuesday 28 October. I've booked my tickets. Of particular interest to me is the ferocious way he self-published and promoted his first novel, which deservingly launched his career.

The details are somewhere here:
The Big Book Club

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What do you think? A test.

Hi all,
To put it simply, Eclecticism should be (here's hoping) taking a professional leap early next year (2009). In preparation, I've been playing around with a few formats for presenting the e-zine. Here is a version from a great site, Issuu. What do you think? Note the pages are not changed from the original PDF, so side banners/page numbers will not be correct for the pages on the right. All comments are appreciated.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Voting time

Well, the State elections are tomorrow here in WA. I'm not going to offer my opinions, just that democracy doesn't work when the parties you are given to vote for are parties you would never vote for. Make sense? No. And who gets to decide who airs all the smear compaigns first? Is it a flip of the coin? Liberal keeps attacking with dodgy pictures of Labour's leader, Labour offer their rebuttal... I'm becoming a teacher to educate children, but it seems most people have never left the playground.

New Michael Connelly

I was rather excited to learn today that Michael Connelly is releasing a team-up novel with his Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller and world famous LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. It's called 'The Brass Verdict'. I thought the Lincoln Lawyer was an interesting diversion and the Bosch novels, well, crime fiction just wouldn't be the same without them. It should be out mid-October in Australia, check the official website here:

Michael Connelly official website

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A fleeting glimpse of Melbourne

Well, my time in Melbourne came and went much too fast. Unfortunately I had to leave on the Wednesday before the crime writing awards and panels began, and before the AHWA had a launch of sorts. Damn, I looked at all the previous years of the Melbourne Writers Festival and planned the trip to suit the best panels, but this year the program was shaken up a bit.

I can't complain though - I had a ball; a writer's dream; a book-lover's paradise. I met and shook hands with John Marsden (who said my copy of his brand-new Hamlet novel was the first one he had signed), Tim Winton, and Max Barry, to name a few. Great to see Mr. Winton win the Age Fiction Book of the Year award for 'Breath' - I can't wait to peruse that as soon as possible. And thanks Max, for the short conversation and inspiring comments at your signing ("only a matter of time...").

And for the friends I met in Melbourne (and the familiar haunts from when I was living there), great to see you again.

Now it's back to reality. I had thought I would have completed a bulk of my Uni work, but alas, I was naive. And I have several reviews to finally write and post, a small pile of books to read for review, editing of my novel, writing, writing and .... BAM! I blew up just thinking about it.

To be honest, I'm just relaxing with my family for a while. It feels good.

Peace out.
- Craig

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where have you been, boy?

Sorry, it's been a while. But I have been on *holidays*, which meant completing the five thousand little things I don't usually have time for, looking after my daughter full time while she was on holiday too, plus writing, editing my novel, and putting out issue five on the Eclecticism E-zine.

Oh yes, it's out:
Eclecticism E-zine Issue 5 (July 2008)

It's the first anniversary issue, which I cannot be more proud of. And the next issue is already shaping up very well. Whereas issue five has a lot of poetry, issue six has some brilliant prose, some of the best to appear in the e-zine thus far!

More news to follow...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've just had a facelift

Well, my website has, actually. To coincide with finishing-up on a manuscript, I have given my official website an official facelift - much more professional. I thought the treat was well deserved. Enjoy at:

Craig Bezant Author Website

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Everyone loves Black

For those who haven't heard, on Black Friday it was announced that Western Australian publisher Brimstone Press is launching a major new national magazine - aptly titled BLACK: Australian Dark Culture - that explores Australia's attraction to the dark side.

BLACK covers pop culture and entertainment with a dark flair: from movies, music, and books, to politics, witchcraft, fashion, comics, gaming, true crime, bizarre medical cases, and much more.

There'll even be short fiction from Stephen King! Oh, and you'll see a few reviews from me (and the rest of the HorrorScope gang) in there too...

Check it out at: Black Magazine

First issue July 2008.
And if you are on Facebook, show your love by joining the Black Magazine group.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free eBook - Go on!

Author Simon Haynes is giving away the complete text version of his first Hal Spacejock novel (Fremantle Press).

To quote the press release:
"If you enjoy TV shows like the Young Ones, Blackadder, Red Dwarf and Dr Who, or books by Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt or Jasper Fforde, then the bestselling Hal Spacejock series is for you."

Give it a shot. Hal Spacejock is an absolute laugh, with its fourth installment due to be published very soon.

Visit the website here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eclectic Face

Hi all,

For those ten billion people on Facebook, I decided to start an Eclecticism Ezine group there. It is an extension of the subscription/newsletter list, which will prove quite handy as I look to redevelop and improve the zine and such lists.

So go on over to Facebook, check it out and join. It even has a promo video for Issue 4.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eclecticism Issue 4

The fourth issue of my second child, Eclecticism E-zine, is out now. Click on the link to peruse the work of 9 writers and 1 featured artist, over 36 pages. IT'S STILL FREE (for now - hint, hint, bigger plans).


Monday, April 7, 2008

Zombie Brewing out now

My short fiction, "Zombie Brewing" is now out in Ripples Magazine #12 (April, 2008). Have a look and support the small-press zines (Ripples is celebrating its 3rd birthday).

Click below for ordering info:

Black Box E-Anthology

Go on, order a copy of the Black Box E-Anthology and help support the Australian Horror Writers Association. By Australia's Brimstone Press, this CD-ROM collection features dark and quirky micro-fiction, artwork (even a comic) and music from over 80 creative minds, many the best in the business!

Visit the Brimstone Press website.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thanks SwanCon

Hi all,

Just wanted to say thanks to the authors, editors and speculative fiction fans who said G'day to me at SwanCon - especially a big thanks to Shane Jiraiya Cummings for introducing me to so many great representatives of the spec fic field. Being a first (SwanCon) for me, I was quite overwhelmed, hence why I lingered in the shadows most of the time. But I hope to meet everyone again soon and take the conversations beyond pleasantries and other small talk.

And no, Eclecticism didn't win a Tin Duck, but the nomination is such a wonderful recognition in the e-zine's early days - let's see what happens next time!

As for my own writing, well, look for a small slice in the Black Box E-Anthology (Brimstone Press) and help support the Australian Horror Writers Association at the same time.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zombie Brew-Hah-Hah

My short fiction, "Zombie Brewing" will be appearing shortly in the Australian zine, Ripples (Issue 12).

It is a personal favourite, though has been hard to place. I think this is because the horror/zombie element is a metaphor for sleep-deprived, caffeine-craving cafe patrons, and not the usual straight, dark horror many zines are looking for. So thanks, editor Sam Cousins, for taking a gamble with me. It means a lot.

- Craig.

Oh, and Black Box (Brimstone Press), which my micro-flash is also in, is on the way. I'll post some info soon!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quack open the votes

Yes, terrible title, I know. But the great news is that my e-zine, Eclecticism, has been nominated for a 2008 Tin Ducks Award, in the field of Best WA Fan Production. Not quite sure what I'm a fan of, besides great stories, poems and artwork (the original nomination ballots had Best WA Unpaid Production, which I'd thought was more appropriate, but the category was scrapped), but I can't express how wonderful it is for someone to actually nominate the e-zine at all. Thanks for the nod. And thanks again to all the wonderful contributors who've made the e-zine such fun to make.

For those who don't know, the Tin Duck Awards are "the annual Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF) Achievement Awards for WA writers and artists. The awards will be presented at Swancon 33 “The State of the Art” to be held in Perth from March 20-24th." (information taken from the SwanCon website - see previous Tin Ducks link). So only those attending SwanCon can vote, and I say to them, if you want to big up the little guy...

Nah, there are so many great productions - I can't wait to see who wins.
If you're attending, say Hello at the awards night.

- Craig.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Review time

I posted 2 reviews on HorrorScope today, if anyone cares to read them. And no, I am not usually that cruel. But sometimes stories must be told. Naughty story, naughty.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The news keeps getting better

There's more...
Perhaps the best news for my writing thus far (getting a publishing contract would probably be one of the only things to top it off) is that I was chosen to be a Mentoree in the Australian Horror Writer Association's Mentorship program. My Mentor - fantastic Perth author Martin Livings (of Carnies and too-many-short-stories-to-count fame).

We will be working on the new novel I am currently writing, which has the working title 'Pseudonyms'. I am currently 40,000 plus words deep into that manuscript. It's a blend of pure suspense and psychological horror. Hopefully we'll shape up a great package to present to agents and publishers in the future.

- Craig.

The Con is On

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say I should be going to SwanCon (Perth, March 20-24) for at least one of the days, and later in the year I will be flying over to Melbourne to attend the Age Melbourne Writers' Festival (for 6 of the 10 days). These are two very exciting events for me as I haven't attended a writers' festival for a few years, and only then I basically just went to the workshops. These events will help keep me committed to taking my writing to a further level, and it will be great to meet and listen to other authors and fans.

Now I just have to save up some money...

- Craig.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Call me a HorrorScoper

Hi all,

I received some great news on Friday - I will joining the HorrorScope team as an Associate Editor (ie. a reviewer). HorrorScope is a wonderful, award-winning Australian news and reviews zine I am proud (and lucky) to be a part of. I'll start posting some reviews in the coming weeks.

Visit HorrorScope here.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whoops, back again

Hi there, it's been a while. Well, December-January were just intense months for me. My wife had three (count them!) weeks off work, and since she has been pretty flat out in her new role I relished the moments spent together. However, since it was the festive season, add a few family birthdays, add several people going away to places like London (envious!), most of our budget was stretched, so we didn't go anywhere travel wise, the furthest being Mandurah (one hour away - whoo who!). It didn't matter though. I still had a few chances to write my new novel (first draft), though not as much as I would have liked. However, I can be a writing machine now, because... I have just finished the third issue of my e-zine, Eclecticism! 8 writers, 3 artists, 49 pages... Whew. It was an effort but worth it. So really this post is to plug the e-zine. I will divulge some info about my own life as soon as possible. I promise. It won't take a month and bit this time.
Eclecticism E-zine