Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Everyone loves Black

For those who haven't heard, on Black Friday it was announced that Western Australian publisher Brimstone Press is launching a major new national magazine - aptly titled BLACK: Australian Dark Culture - that explores Australia's attraction to the dark side.

BLACK covers pop culture and entertainment with a dark flair: from movies, music, and books, to politics, witchcraft, fashion, comics, gaming, true crime, bizarre medical cases, and much more.

There'll even be short fiction from Stephen King! Oh, and you'll see a few reviews from me (and the rest of the HorrorScope gang) in there too...

Check it out at: Black Magazine

First issue July 2008.
And if you are on Facebook, show your love by joining the Black Magazine group.

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Brian G Ross said...

Got it!

What a great, high quality magazine - well done to everyone involved in its production.