Thursday, September 11, 2008

What do you think? A test.

Hi all,
To put it simply, Eclecticism should be (here's hoping) taking a professional leap early next year (2009). In preparation, I've been playing around with a few formats for presenting the e-zine. Here is a version from a great site, Issuu. What do you think? Note the pages are not changed from the original PDF, so side banners/page numbers will not be correct for the pages on the right. All comments are appreciated.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Voting time

Well, the State elections are tomorrow here in WA. I'm not going to offer my opinions, just that democracy doesn't work when the parties you are given to vote for are parties you would never vote for. Make sense? No. And who gets to decide who airs all the smear compaigns first? Is it a flip of the coin? Liberal keeps attacking with dodgy pictures of Labour's leader, Labour offer their rebuttal... I'm becoming a teacher to educate children, but it seems most people have never left the playground.

New Michael Connelly

I was rather excited to learn today that Michael Connelly is releasing a team-up novel with his Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller and world famous LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. It's called 'The Brass Verdict'. I thought the Lincoln Lawyer was an interesting diversion and the Bosch novels, well, crime fiction just wouldn't be the same without them. It should be out mid-October in Australia, check the official website here:

Michael Connelly official website

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A fleeting glimpse of Melbourne

Well, my time in Melbourne came and went much too fast. Unfortunately I had to leave on the Wednesday before the crime writing awards and panels began, and before the AHWA had a launch of sorts. Damn, I looked at all the previous years of the Melbourne Writers Festival and planned the trip to suit the best panels, but this year the program was shaken up a bit.

I can't complain though - I had a ball; a writer's dream; a book-lover's paradise. I met and shook hands with John Marsden (who said my copy of his brand-new Hamlet novel was the first one he had signed), Tim Winton, and Max Barry, to name a few. Great to see Mr. Winton win the Age Fiction Book of the Year award for 'Breath' - I can't wait to peruse that as soon as possible. And thanks Max, for the short conversation and inspiring comments at your signing ("only a matter of time...").

And for the friends I met in Melbourne (and the familiar haunts from when I was living there), great to see you again.

Now it's back to reality. I had thought I would have completed a bulk of my Uni work, but alas, I was naive. And I have several reviews to finally write and post, a small pile of books to read for review, editing of my novel, writing, writing and .... BAM! I blew up just thinking about it.

To be honest, I'm just relaxing with my family for a while. It feels good.

Peace out.
- Craig