Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From the brink

You may be wondering where I've been; my posts are certainly far and few between. To put it simply, I am finishing the editing of a novel and I have become completely immersed in its world. I cannot think about anything else at the moment. I cannot eat or drink or sleep until this is finished. Well, I lie, I do eat and I do drink. I sometimes sleep, too. I am trying my hardest though to finish this before Christmas so I have an extra present for my wife. Then, with her criticism on board, I can give it to a few other readers (my mentor in particular, if he still wants to see it).

There's so much to catch up on. Issue 6 of the Eclecticism Ezine has been out for a month and a half now. It took the most time and effort of all the issues, given its size and the variety of images. But it was worth it from one point of view - I think it's the best issue thus far. On another point of view, the zine needs more readers. I don't know if I can justify it if the readership does not pick up - the catch-22 is that I need to sink money into advertising to draw this readership, and the only way to do that is to start charging for the zine (which may lose some readers who only download it because it's free). Hmmmm.

On another note, one more year of University under my belt. One to go (a four-year course, plus Honours if I am nominated for that). I did quite well, I think - Distinctions and a High Distinction. I am very distinct.

And, looking at my last post, yes, I did meet Matthew Reilly. He was a lot of fun. He has a great slide-show that he goes through. He is very animated and the passion for his work is evident - I hope I can look like that one day. He even has the 'smile-for-the-camera' expression set - it was the same face for each photograph. Brilliant. My wife bought me one of his novels last Christmas, so he signed it 'Dear Craig, Merry Christmas'! What a great guy. (Just wish I'd dressed better, and smiled, and not looked like a tool in the photograph below, but I'd rushed over from prior engagements and so on...)

Now, who to meet next... Well, World Horror Con is moving to Brighton, England in 2010. Lots of people I'd love to meet there. We'll start locally though - I'll definitely make it to Swancon in April next year (2009), especially with Richard Morgan as the International Guest of Honour.

Talk to you all soon.