Tuesday, January 27, 2009

'Stralia Day, Mate, & Mentorship Praise

Hi all,

I trust most celebrated Australia Day by getting drunk - go, Aussie, go! No, I'm not being mean, just realistic. Perhaps here in Perth if we had something more than fireworks to celebrate, everyone wouldn't feel the need to get trashed. Just saying. Or maybe it’s just the looming depressive recession. Me? I took my family to the movies, cooked a meal and, yes, had a beer. But just one, honest. Okay, two. While I can.

Well, if you've been reading my previous posts, you will know I've been very busy writing. I've now finished editing my crime thriller novel, which is being read by my wife for approval (and dissection). I am currently finishing the draft of a Young Adult novel I began during my trip to the Melbourne Writers Festival in August (2008). When I've finished that and begin its editing process, I will begin another adult novel, a different crime-slash-drama (involving the bad choice of reconnecting with one's past). I've been doing lots of research for that. Oh, and I actually started (but not finished) 3 short stories, the first I've attempted in a long time (I'm thinking a year, but could be wrong).

So, my plate's pretty full. But that's a wonderful thing - I couldn't imagine life if I stopped writing. If you feel like me, I want to give my praise to the Australian Horror Writers Association and its mentorship program. Accepted members are matched to a professional writer, be it for a short story, novel, article. I was lucky enough to be a mentoree last year, with author Martin Livings, for the crime thriller I recently completed. I encourage you to try, because it was more than worth it! Submissions begin at the start of February.

So, two more things - Eclecticism E-zine is ready to go, and will be released this Friday 30 January. And, the big one, I will be turning 30 years old this Valentine's Day (Feb 14). Or is it 30 years young? No, old I guess. When I was 15, I thought people my age were old. Boo hoo. I'll have to make it a celebration to remember.

Until next time,


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