Friday, February 20, 2009

One Down, One Up

Yesterday I finished the first draft of my first foray into a Young Adult novel. Now comes the very lengthy task of editing, as I know there is quite a bit to reshape (since the story morphed itself along the way). Should be fun though (yes, FUN - for the first couple of edits at least). Now comes the impossible task of placing the story in a genre (for queries to agents/publishers). It is an adventure/dark fantasy story. It is NOT a story about a boy wizard with glasses, which every agent/publisher seems to automatically think now when you mention fantasy (thanks, Rowling) even though fantasy is one of the broadest genres out there. What's in the story, you ask? Well, I can't tell you yet. Let's just say it involves a small country town, Lassetter's Reef, ley lines, a girl who can see auras and werewolves. That's just the first installment, too. Interesting?

So straight after finishing that novel, I began my next adult novel (yes, I don't stop). After my experience with the mentorship program for my last novel, I have decided to again focus on a crime thriller-style manuscript. Well, it will be more of a suspense thriller with crimes thrown in. Make sense? It doesn't have to, I haven't finished it yet.

And, since I realise my time is spent on (as yet) unpublished novels and people may forget who the hell I am, I also began two short stories, the first I have written in around a year (my last ones were 'Hot Sauce' (in Black Box) and 'Zombie Brewing' (in Ripples)). Should I finish those, I can't wait to try and place them.

Now you've caught up on the writing world of Craig. Good for you :)

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