Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Top 30 List 2 - Movies

Hi all,

To continue the lists made for my 30th birthday, here are the movies that grab my attention the most. Note, this is a personal list. I have left out many classics (try and pick only 30 movies, geez - I think I narrowed my choices from ~100). These are movies I grew up with or, because of the constant shuffle of my attention, ones I watched rather recently. In fact, many are quite new - I should perhaps do a Top 30 list of movies from my childhood (Gremlins, anyone?). Another day, perhaps. For now, enjoy this (and feel free to add your own suggestions):

1 Back to the Future Trilogy
2 Indiana Jones Trilogy
3 Lucky Number Slevin (The Wrong Man AUS)
4 Ghostbusters
5 Shaun of the Dead
6 The Illusionist
7 007 - Goldeneye & License to Kill
8 Stranger than Fiction
9 Star Wars ep. 4-6
10 Evil Dead Series
11 Terminator 2
12 The Wedding Singer
13 40 Year-Old Virgin
14 Van Wilder
15 Jason Bourne Series
16 Mr & Mrs Smith
17 Snatch
18 The Whole Nine Yards
19 The Pursuit of Happyness
20 Enter the Dragon
21 The Mummy Returns
22 Pulp Fiction
23 The Italian Job
24 Kiss of the Dragon
25 Detroit Rock City
26 The Princess Bride
27 Spaceballs
28 Galaxy Quest
29 Without a Paddle
30 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

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