Friday, February 20, 2009

Top 30 Part 3: TV Shows

Most of the time, I don't really watch television shows when they are actually on television; rather, I may watch it once or twice and if I like it I'll buy the DVD versions and slowly watch them. So, like the movie list, a lot of entries will be quite new shows; the rest of the list is made up of shows I grew up with (yes, even Rosanne. It may not be the best show in the world, but my family watched it every week while it was on the air). A quick scan of the list will emphasise how much I enjoy 20-30 minute bursts of humour. I love my comedies. I usually save the serious stuff for movies and books (well, if I want to read comedy I'll go for Max Barry or Christopher Moore). Again, there were a lot of titles I missed out (Buffy, anyone?) - maybe it will look more comprehensive as a Top40 list on my 40th (shudder). Anyway, enjoy:


1 The Simpsons
2 American Dad
3 The IT Crowd
4 Scrubs
5 Stark Raving Mad
6 My Name is Earl
7 Futurama
8 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
9 Black Books
10 South Park
11 The Goodies
12 That 70s Show
13 Family Guy
14 Venture Bros.
15 The X-Files
16 Seinfeld
17 King of the Hill
18 Little Britain
19 The Office (US)
20 The Twilight Zone
21 The Muppet Show
22 3rd Rock from the Sun
23 Daria
24 Kath & Kim
25 Inspector Gadget
26 The Late Show (D-Generation)
27 Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
28 The Ren & Stimpy Show
29 Transformers (1980s series)
30 Rosanne

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