Friday, May 29, 2009

Flying High

Hi all,

It's all booked - my plane tickets have been paid for (thanks, Nan and Pop!), the hotel room is reserved, and my convention fees are paid - I'm going to Conjecture!

I know, it's exciting. Conjecture is the National SF Convention, to be held in Adelaide from 5-8 June. It's during this convention that the Ditmar Awards are announced, in which I have been nominated for Best Fan Writer. I can't wait to experience it all, especially since I have never been to Adelaide before. Look out, local cafes, I'm on the prowl!

The downside to this is that I miss two days of teaching - I now have to cram it all in to an already bulging timetable (what with Foundation Day in WA on Monday). But I'll manage; it'll be worth it.

If you're going to be at Conjecture, let me know. We'll have a drink.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pause for breath

Yes, I've been run off my feet, as of late, and barely have enough time for the necessities of life, such as breathing. Why? Well, I am in the middle of my final year's teaching prac and the planning and marking consumes almost every second of the day. For those who think teachers have it easy and leave at 3, you can pull that veil off your eyes now. But the effort will be worth it - I'm having a good time, and my teaching qualification and hence job is on the horizon (I think).

In writing news, I'm sure most in the dark fiction fan/writing community have heard of the recent release of this year's Ditmar Awards final nominations. I awaited the final ballot with a great sense of nervousness, wondering if my Eclecticism ezine would make this list. It didn't, but, lo and behold, I did! Yes, I've been nominated for Best Fan Writer, for my reviews on HorrorScope (and I presume the associated Black Magazine).

That took what little breath I had for quite a while. I am shocked and amazed and damn proud to be nominated. Reviewing novels has been wonderful, and to know that people are actually reading the reviews and enjoying them is the icing on the cake. My best times reviewing are when authors take the time to comment on your review - my last entries have received comments from Jonathan Maberry, Scott Sigler, Joseph D'Lacey, Dean Lorey, and many more. It is a testament that such writers are still humble enough to thank you - even if the review isn't all in their favour - and has been a wonderful example of what I will try to do should one of my novels actually make its way onto a bookshelf (that isn't mine).

I am so excited that I'm arranging my trip to Adelaide for the convention, Conjecture, where the Ditmar Awards will be nominated. That's right, in June I'll be visiting SA for the first time! I encourage you all to have a look at the nominations and vote (if you can, since its a Logies-style fans-only affair) as there are some wonderful, deserving entries, and I congratulate all my colleagues for their nominations - the night is going to be a HUGE party!