Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time slips on by

Wow, I finally freed up some time to write on my blog and website, and realised how long it's been since I've done so. I apologise (to myself, really). So, in my last blog I stated that I would be heading to Adelaide for the Conjecture convention. Well, obviously I took said trip, had a blast (didn't win the Ditmar Award, but c'mon, I lost to the Aussie master of horror), and met lots of wonderful writers/editors/illustrators/fans. I could fill an entire blog post with their names, but you know who you are - thanks for making me feel welcome in my first full convention, in another State I had never been to, no less.

During the convention I capatilised on being unable to write too much for the better part of seven weeks (due to my teaching prac). If I wasn't at a panel, drinking with aforementioned people, or exploring Adelaide, I was sitting down writing (actually, I took a notebook around and wrote in numerous spots around Adelaide). And boy, did I write - six chapters! So if I appeared rude to anyone (sitting at the bar alone, scribbling away) it's 'cause I have had months-worth of plotline boiling away in my head, and it all needed to get out!

I am really enjoying this crime/suspense novel - my main character is slowly being forced (coerced?) to slip back into a life of crime he did everything to pull himself out of, and that just makes me tingle as I write out the progress. I'll keep you updated on the novel's progress - I'm probably only a quarter of the way there yet. In the meantime, I've been typing out and editing my draft for a young adult novel. I've passed the 11 000 word mark and counting (the draft is obviously longer). But that's a post for another day.

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