Saturday, July 25, 2009

Uploads and Interviews

For those who haven't glanced over at HorrorScope lately, I have posted a couple of reviews (Chris Simms' 'The Edge' and Kaaron Warren's 'Slights', both wonderful books) and *drum roll* my interview with Scottish crime writer Stuart MacBride. I interviewed him during the wild storm in Perth on Monday night, and also attended his author talk at the Melville Civic Centre.

I was mighty chuffed to see how much of a pleasant guy he was - willing to talk at length about anything I asked. He really loves his craft, and gave me more experience as to how to talk to a crowd about my own writing (I try to go to as many author talks as possible for this very reason - not all are good!). If you haven't bought a copy of his latest novel, 'Blind Eye', you need to - I'll be posting the review for that shortly (it's damn good, which is why I'm saying to buy it).

Now to practice my own speech/reactions for interviews and author talks, just in case...

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