Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Author Photo

Whilst attending a wedding at the mansion that is Caversham House, Swan Valley (Caversham), I couldn't resist an 'author photo' moment in a secluded, long-forgotten area. What do you think? I went for the traditional black and white and then brought some colours back. Does it look weird?

Image Copyright 2009 Avril Bezant

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Forthcoming Titles that might interest you

I was browsing through some of the publicity brochures from publishers and began to make a list of titles/authors that caught my eye. Being a reviewer means that you often don't get to pick what you read all the time (though HorrorScope tries its best to make it that way). But if I could choose some titles... Well, I decided to type out said list to let you all know of some forthcoming novels I would love to read and review.

Note that most of these are from the Hachette Australia/Orion/Gollancz group, simply because they send me the most information. This means most novels are in the crime/thriller/horror genre. Most books are also from international writers. Don't take this list out of context and say I should have included such and such - I probably had no idea their book was coming out. In other words, please feel free to comment and include a book you are looking forward to being released.

And don't get me started on my 'To Read' list outside of reviewing. I am a bookaholic, and each week I have more to add to my pile of books I can't wait to read but never have the time to...

October 2009
Ben Elton – Meltdown
Ian Rankin – The Complaints
Kenneth Cameron – The Bohemian Girl
Peter Temple – Truth
David Wellington - Frostbite (and 23 Hours)

November 2009
Stephen King – Under the Dome
John Connolly – The Gates
A E Moorat – Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter
Cody McFayden – Abandoned
Sam Savage – The Cry of the Sloth
Conrad Williams – Decay Inevitable

December 2009
Adam Roberts – I am Scrooge (A Zombie Story for Christmas)
Jesse Bullington – The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart

January 2010
Joe Gores – Spade and Archer
Robert J. Sawyer – Wake
Jasper Fforde – Shades of Grey
Steve Leather – Nightfall
Seth Cregan – The Levels

February 2010

Joe Hill – Horns
Robert Rankin – Retromancer
Robert Jackson Bennett – Mr Shivers

March 2010
Scott Sigler – Ancestor
Jonathan Maberry – The Dragon Factory

Reviews are out

With some time up my sleeves now I've been able to get a stream of reviews started on HorrorScope. I have recently posted reviews for the following:
- The Timer Game - by Susan Arnout Smith
- Eagle Rising - by David Devereux

- One - by Conrad Williams


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ringing the Bell of Change

Hi all,

Tomorrow, Term 4 of school starts in WA. Which means my daughter will no longer be tearing up the carpet, chasing the dogs maniacally and asking for more, more, more lollies, ice cream, etc. (I kid, she is an angel 70% of the time). Which means the house will be rather quiet. That, for the most part, is a good thing - for my writing, at least. During the past 2 weeks I have typed up the first draft of my YA paranormal adventure novel. This was written a while ago now, so it's good to return to the story. The first draft clocked in at roughly 28 000 words, which is great - this means I have room to play around with. It was the first time I have written something by just sticking to the bare bones of a racing plot. Usually I am having to hack out scene after scene that I loved but just isn't relevant. This time I get to add certain details I missed, hopefully without impacting the overall story. Then it will be time to get it out there for reading, more editing, and so on...

Looking at my posts, it's been a while. Well, that's because...DRUM ROLL... I worked my a** off and I have now completed my teaching degree. That's right, the University confirmation is through - I am a qualified primary school teacher (K-7)! After 6 years (4 of the course, cut in the middle by 2 years in Melbourne for my wife's work, where I was full-time dad), that means a hell of a lot to me. How does that impact my writing? Not much for now, honestly. I will be trying to get relief work as I wait for a permanent position, and my writing will typically be undertaken in the shadowy hours of the night, and/or during the day when I have no work.

My Eclecticism E-zine's second anniversary issue (#9) was a huge success. Two of its contributors have gone on to win BIG prizes - Joseph D'Lacey grabbed the British Fantasy Society's Best Newcomer Award, and Jason Fischer won the L.Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest (second quarter 2009). Well done to those two very talented writers! Issue #10 of Eclecticism E-zine is coming along smoothly, with most acceptances and rejections going out in the next 2 days.

I'll keep you posted on more writing developments as they happen - hopefully more often, now.

Craig Bezant