Monday, December 27, 2010

My first Dark Prints interview

I trust you had (and are still having) a wonderful festive season and/or simply a holiday/rest. UK horror author Joseph D'Lacey has given me an excellent Christmas present in the form of an interview.

You can read all about my writing background and my ideas for the future (of horror and Dark Prints Press) on the esteemed horror site, Horror Reanimated.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

We have a launch...

Tomorrow marks the release date for Dark Prints Press’s first publication, the anthology ‘An Eclectic Slice of Life’ (which I have edited and co-published). To mark the special occasion, we are hosting an online launch party. Since the fourteen contributors are scattered across the globe, this is the best way to get them together. You can read excerpts from each story in the anthology, and there will be fun links to many stories (such as crazy websites, videos, and flash games).

The online launch will be via the Dark Prints Press Facebook page, from 3-5pm this Sunday (12/12/2010), Perth, Western Australia time. That’s GMT+0800, so if you are in the eastern states of Australia, it will be ~6pm (daylight savings), NZ ~8pm, UK ~7am, US 11pm (Sat – LA) to 2am (NY). The Dark Prints Press Facebook page is here:!/pages/Dark-Prints-Press/162390353801760

If you don’t have access to Facebook, you can join in at the news blog, The Realm of Dark Prints Press:
You shouldn’t need a blogger account to comment here, and I will try to respond to comments as often as possible. All posts will cross between the two sites.

Remember, this only goes for 2 hours, but you are welcome to visit later and drop a comment. Hurray, the anthology will finally be released!

More info on the anthology can be found on the publisher's website, Dark Prints Press:

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yes, I am most definitely alive. Have been extremely busy on the Dark Prints Press side, though, and most of my blogging efforts are going into that for now. I still get the occasional chance to write, don't worry - I am getting stuck into the second part of a young adult series, and drafting the plot of a older children's book.

I will be updating this blog to match Blogger's new layouts and technology, and then you will finally see some posts of relevance. Until then,

If you missed it, Eclecticism #13 was Eclecticism's third year anniversary and featured a whole pile of fantastic dark fiction writers, with a theme of Superstitions. Check it out for free at:

Issue #14 of Eclecticism E-zine was just released, with a theme of Freedom. Again, download for free, this time at:

The Dark Prints Press website is constantly updating at:

Dark Prints Press has a weblog for all of its news (including news on Eclecticism) at:

And Dark Prints Press has a Facebook Page, which you are most welcome to join, at:

Whew, enough for now. Told you I've been busy, and that's not even mentioning the anthology that just returned from the printers. Will post about that soon. For now, enjoy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

An interview with Stuart MacBride

Recently I had the privilege to interview crime/thriller author Stuart MacBride (yes, the King of Tartan Noir) for the second time. It's always a treat because he's very passionate about his writing. This time round, we discussed his new Logan McRae novel, 'Dark Blood', his future crime thriller, 'Halfhead', and assorted writing advice. You can read it via HorrorScope. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Announcing the arrival of a new small press publisher, co-founded by yours truly!

Shining a light on dark fiction

Dark Prints Press is a brand new Australian independent publisher who aims to publish works of dark fiction (encompassing crime, thriller, speculative fiction (horror, dark fantasy) and dark comedy). Its initial focus is on an adult market, with the desire to also venture into the young adult market in the future.

The small press is a partnership between West Australians Avril and Craig Bezant, who aim to provide another, much-needed avenue for a range of printed fiction, including short story collections, novellas, and novels. Their publications will range from lavish trade paperback editions to small, pulpy works, depending on the relevance to the story and its genre. Digital publications (e-books) of the publisher's list are forecasted in the future.

The first publication for Dark Prints Press will be an anthology of the best stories from the online magazine Eclecticism E-zine, an e-zine that has been shortlisted for 2 awards, is archived in the National Library of Australia, and has established a dedicated readership and subscription list over the past 3 years. The anthology is titled ‘An Eclectic Slice of Life', available for pre-order from 06/06/2010 via the website. Read more about this exciting new venture at:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Submissions open for Eclecticism's 3rd Anniversary Issue: Superstitions

Submissions are now open for Eclecticism E-zine’s 3rd Anniversary Issue ( ).

Since it will be Issue #13, there is the apt theme of ‘Superstitions’, which means editor Craig Bezant is looking for some dark (and unique) fiction.

With authors such as Martin Livings, Andrew J. McKiernan and Brett McBean already lined up, plus award-winning Featured Artist Vincent Chong, you know you want to join this huge celebration!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eclecticism News

If you haven't heard, Eclecticism E-zine Issue #12 (April 2010) is OUT NOW!

With a character-driven theme of ‘Obsession’, this eclectic mix features the work of: Mark Farrugia, Beth Battrick, Alice Godwin, Michael Clifton, Lana Harris, Simon James, Susan Adams, Dam Frederick Hellmons, and Pavelle Wesser.

At 70 pages, it is a huge read. Enjoy!

And remember, Issue #13 (July 2010) marks the 3rd Anniversary of Eclecticism E-zine. With an apt theme of ‘Superstitions’, as well as award-winning horror writers and award-winning artist Vincent Chong already lined up, this will be an award-winning celebration!

I will keep you posted in the next couple of weeks about the exciting countdown to pre-order day (06/06/2010) for Eclecticism’s print anthology – An Eclectic Slice of Life. More details about the book can now be found on the website.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Praise for that which does not exist

So I have to milk any publicity I can get - you understand, of course. Recently, author Martin Livings posted a comment on his LiveJournal site after reading my crime thriller novel, 'Ryder's Block':

Ryder's Block, Craig Bezant - this one you won't find on any shelves. Yet. A work-in-progress by my mentee from the AHWA mentor program some years ago, I finally got around to reading the entire thing, and it was a hoot and a holler. Keep your eyes open for Craig, he'll be everywhere before you know what hit you.

Wow, that makes me shiver with pride. If only an agent or publisher were to read such a comment...

Thanks for the kind words, Martin. One more round of editing/polishing and I'll get that one out there.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eclecticism E-zine News

Keep your Friday clear next week - Eclecticism E-zine Issue #12 will be out, with a theme of 'Obsession'.

And the Third Anniversary Issue (#13) is coming along nicely, too, with several award-winning Aussie horror writers lined up, as well as award-winning fantasy artist Vincent Chong! Can I get an award-winning hell yeah! More details soon...

Scott Sigler Interview - Read it NOW!

I recently had the privilege of interviewing US horror/thriller author Scott Sigler, who was the Guest of Honour at Perth's Swancon 2010.

You can read the extremely informative results as a two-part entry at HorrorScope:


Thanks again to everyone who helped make the interview possible. Enjoy!
I should also be reviewing Sigler's 'Ancestor' very soon.


Due to the insane (yet treasured) amount of free time spent on my writing/reviewing/editing/publishing ventures, I have made the decision to solely use this blog for such messages, as it has largely been anyway. Upon reading the last post, I would have really liked to have talked about my holiday to Malaysia and listed some inspirational points for writing discovered whilst there, but it would just be too much of a diversion from my other work. I recently returned from a trip to Melbourne with some solid aims/goals in mind. So, to clarify, this blog is for:

1) Writing news, advice, market news.
2) Review and Interview news, linked to my work with HorrorScope
3) Eclecticism E-zine news - everything about the e-zine I edit and publish
in particular
4) The publication of a print anthology of Eclecticism

Should you tune in, I will do my best to post a weekly or fortnightly note about the steps I take to publish this anthology. If you are interested in how this process works, it should be very informative - if you have questions about any of the steps, don't hesitate to ask.

Due to spamming, to post a comment you must type a code and I must approve your note. This is stop the ridiculous amount of adds about Viagra and so on. I'm too young for that now, stop telling me about it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to it

Back to life, back to reality...

Ah, it's been a while. Have I been slacking off? Occasionally. Well, thinking about it, but didn't have the time. Since my last post I have finished my teaching degree and worked as a relief teacher (primary school) to close off 2009. With regards to my own writing, I became lost in the editing of a YA/Children's novel, which I am now preparing to send to publishers/ editors/ agents/ anyone who will look at it. My e-zine, Eclecticism E-zine, has taken the remainder of my creative juices - Issue #11 is out now, just scraping into the month of January (by about 6 hours) and keeping my deadline-reaching abilities intact.

It's a great issue - very proud. With a theme of 'Ghost Story', you know you want to look at what's inside!

Hmmm, well, the biggest reason for the gap between blog posts is that my mother-in-law surprised our family with a trip to Singapore and Malaysia (mostly Melaka). Nine members of our family from Perth all travelled over there to surprise the hell out of my wife's grandmother, who did not know we were coming at all. Priceless. And we stayed there for one month. That's right - one month! New Years Eve was such a blast, with the biggest fireworks celebration I have ever seen (that puts our Australia Day crap to shame, because it had the one element our drunken parties miss - people having a great time together). In fact, as the memories come flooding back I think I will download all my photographs and post on special little moments - a bit of my writing world meets personal world.

Stay tuned...