Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to it

Back to life, back to reality...

Ah, it's been a while. Have I been slacking off? Occasionally. Well, thinking about it, but didn't have the time. Since my last post I have finished my teaching degree and worked as a relief teacher (primary school) to close off 2009. With regards to my own writing, I became lost in the editing of a YA/Children's novel, which I am now preparing to send to publishers/ editors/ agents/ anyone who will look at it. My e-zine, Eclecticism E-zine, has taken the remainder of my creative juices - Issue #11 is out now, just scraping into the month of January (by about 6 hours) and keeping my deadline-reaching abilities intact.

It's a great issue - very proud. With a theme of 'Ghost Story', you know you want to look at what's inside!

Hmmm, well, the biggest reason for the gap between blog posts is that my mother-in-law surprised our family with a trip to Singapore and Malaysia (mostly Melaka). Nine members of our family from Perth all travelled over there to surprise the hell out of my wife's grandmother, who did not know we were coming at all. Priceless. And we stayed there for one month. That's right - one month! New Years Eve was such a blast, with the biggest fireworks celebration I have ever seen (that puts our Australia Day crap to shame, because it had the one element our drunken parties miss - people having a great time together). In fact, as the memories come flooding back I think I will download all my photographs and post on special little moments - a bit of my writing world meets personal world.

Stay tuned...