Sunday, April 25, 2010

Praise for that which does not exist

So I have to milk any publicity I can get - you understand, of course. Recently, author Martin Livings posted a comment on his LiveJournal site after reading my crime thriller novel, 'Ryder's Block':

Ryder's Block, Craig Bezant - this one you won't find on any shelves. Yet. A work-in-progress by my mentee from the AHWA mentor program some years ago, I finally got around to reading the entire thing, and it was a hoot and a holler. Keep your eyes open for Craig, he'll be everywhere before you know what hit you.

Wow, that makes me shiver with pride. If only an agent or publisher were to read such a comment...

Thanks for the kind words, Martin. One more round of editing/polishing and I'll get that one out there.

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