Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Submissions open for Eclecticism's 3rd Anniversary Issue: Superstitions

Submissions are now open for Eclecticism E-zine’s 3rd Anniversary Issue (http://www.eclecticzine.com ).

Since it will be Issue #13, there is the apt theme of ‘Superstitions’, which means editor Craig Bezant is looking for some dark (and unique) fiction.

With authors such as Martin Livings, Andrew J. McKiernan and Brett McBean already lined up, plus award-winning Featured Artist Vincent Chong, you know you want to join this huge celebration!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eclecticism News

If you haven't heard, Eclecticism E-zine Issue #12 (April 2010) is OUT NOW!

With a character-driven theme of ‘Obsession’, this eclectic mix features the work of: Mark Farrugia, Beth Battrick, Alice Godwin, Michael Clifton, Lana Harris, Simon James, Susan Adams, Dam Frederick Hellmons, and Pavelle Wesser.

At 70 pages, it is a huge read. Enjoy!

And remember, Issue #13 (July 2010) marks the 3rd Anniversary of Eclecticism E-zine. With an apt theme of ‘Superstitions’, as well as award-winning horror writers and award-winning artist Vincent Chong already lined up, this will be an award-winning celebration!

I will keep you posted in the next couple of weeks about the exciting countdown to pre-order day (06/06/2010) for Eclecticism’s print anthology – An Eclectic Slice of Life. More details about the book can now be found on the website.