Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eclecticism News

If you haven't heard, Eclecticism E-zine Issue #12 (April 2010) is OUT NOW!

With a character-driven theme of ‘Obsession’, this eclectic mix features the work of: Mark Farrugia, Beth Battrick, Alice Godwin, Michael Clifton, Lana Harris, Simon James, Susan Adams, Dam Frederick Hellmons, and Pavelle Wesser.

At 70 pages, it is a huge read. Enjoy!

And remember, Issue #13 (July 2010) marks the 3rd Anniversary of Eclecticism E-zine. With an apt theme of ‘Superstitions’, as well as award-winning horror writers and award-winning artist Vincent Chong already lined up, this will be an award-winning celebration!

I will keep you posted in the next couple of weeks about the exciting countdown to pre-order day (06/06/2010) for Eclecticism’s print anthology – An Eclectic Slice of Life. More details about the book can now be found on the website.

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