Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yes, I am most definitely alive. Have been extremely busy on the Dark Prints Press side, though, and most of my blogging efforts are going into that for now. I still get the occasional chance to write, don't worry - I am getting stuck into the second part of a young adult series, and drafting the plot of a older children's book.

I will be updating this blog to match Blogger's new layouts and technology, and then you will finally see some posts of relevance. Until then,

If you missed it, Eclecticism #13 was Eclecticism's third year anniversary and featured a whole pile of fantastic dark fiction writers, with a theme of Superstitions. Check it out for free at:

Issue #14 of Eclecticism E-zine was just released, with a theme of Freedom. Again, download for free, this time at:

The Dark Prints Press website is constantly updating at:

Dark Prints Press has a weblog for all of its news (including news on Eclecticism) at:

And Dark Prints Press has a Facebook Page, which you are most welcome to join, at:

Whew, enough for now. Told you I've been busy, and that's not even mentioning the anthology that just returned from the printers. Will post about that soon. For now, enjoy!